Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Hope In The Dark

And there it happened again, a suicidebomber has gone crazy again and many innocent youngsters were murdered or injured.

Typical for a time like this were many patterns reminds us about the time for the cold war.How to protect against these losers? They show their hatred actions against society and democracy and one of my songs which I have presented before has got a text about this:

During the 70:s we could read about this terrorattack during the olympic games:

And in this time it all started with the terrorattack on World Trade Center....

We have to stick to our open society, defend democracy even if everyone who wants to see the whole picture of it should know that this is a series of escatological events that will end in the most extreme of all societies where the mark of the beast will show and everything else of the escatological aspects of what The Revelation Book tells us about.

That of historical events noone can stop, only delay.

A hopeful album of this band is here,


And Finally the latest song I have published on the same theme:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You gotta serve somebody

The society of today is so violent that it´s sometomes schocking.

Murder after murder and all sorts of criminal activities.

My christian friends always say that Jesus is the answer and of course, as a christian I agree 

However, I am glad that we also have the possibilities within a democracy to chose the party we want to and possibly even can engage even more if someone has that call.

I am not any time to the left politically but to take an example from Bob Dylan.

Either you are serving God or Mammon.

You can never mix The Church and The Government with each other, there always has to be a distance there or we would get people who would require teocracy instead of democracy and the is simply unrealistic.

A band as Whitesnake, does David Coverdale always sing about sex and drugs or do they wake up as the grow older?

I would say, yes and no but the lyrics are more often more mature as the time passes by.

The man with the good heart, Coverdale.

Whitesnake is playing hardrock with blues in the bottom.

Here are my latest songs:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tear Down That Wall

How many styles of music are you interested in?

Before I am going to handle this object I have to adress that the changes my blog has been going through is a process that depends on that I found out that the investings/savings I have besides my regular cleaning job are enough, I didn´t need my firm longer besides my regular job.

When I grew up I listened to many styles and learned that many bands have a lot of references when it comes to bands and even classical music.

I was inspired by jazz for a period but that went to a journey where it ended into too much of experimental jazz and I moved on to symphonyrock and hardrock again.

What about more calm music? Ballads, calm instrumental music

Scorpions is a metalband who likes to deliver some very strong ballads from time to time and I am sure you know many of the most wellknown of them, here is one:

The lyrics is about when the wall between West-Germany and DDR fell and it became obvious for all what really had been a reality on the communistic side of wall.

Therefore, The Wind of Change.

Well, well, how about the story behind one of the most well-known hits you have heard.

Here is one of the most played covers, Black Night and the riff behind...

Different issues in the english schools are handled in the well-known
album The Wall of Pink Floyd.

We don´t need more walls between teachers and pupils, we don´t need more walls between nations either.

A spritual wall in form of disbelief and different obstacles in your mind is another dimension.One of my songs, Tear Down That Wall:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Come Taste The Water

Today is my birthday so I would like to keep it to a short blogpost.

If you want to wish me luck in my life please use the commentfield to wish me a Happy Birthday.

The idea behind my latest song is about to drink of the living water that The Lord has for your soul, for your inner man.

Enjoy it:

Stay Tuned For More!!

This my latest song is very similar to the kind of sound we had in Solid Faith those days when we were out playing with that band.

Welcome back again!

You may be the searcher who may think where the earth and heaven are coming from.In my opinion the earth and heaven were created by the creative forces from The Creator Himself, Father God in heaven:

Back Again with some updates....

I worked out a new instrumental song yesterday called The Autobahn.As I have travelled a lot through the years with my parents on holidays on the autobahn I got the idea to the title from there.Sometimes it is hard to find a title to an instrumental song but I found that subject to be a way to approach it:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Discover The Soundtrack

Filmmusic again.

Several years ago, before I did affiliate marketing I was making some filmmusic.It was only a way to figure out what response I would get and it wasn´t much.But it was also a way to get curious for filmmusic and today my readers and viewers are more curious on what music I am making.

After all. I have several years of experience in the world of music.

The new situation for me is that I am singing more to my songs than before.I am composing everything from my Yamaha keyboard.Now to the first soundtrack from a movie I like.

A classic movie with Clint Eastwood.

Suddenly you get that inspiraton for that next song and it will be an instrumental one.Stay tuned for it!

Do you remember the creepy feeling in this legend of movies:

Sure it is a very important part of the movie, isn´t it?

It can´t take over the movie , yet it has the purpose to lift the movie to a higher level.

Skyfall, A James Bond-movie contains an excellent track which sounds like this....

This is my latest contribution, an instrumental one.I got the idea to the title from the point of view that I have been inspired of very different kind of styles of music when I grew up.I hope you will enjoy it:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stone Cold

The Antarctica.

When I am recording an instrumental song I am always thinking about if I can find suitable images to my song to set up in a slideshow to the music in You Tube.

You are allowed to use these free pictures at Photobucket

Although you need to upgrade to get access to all of their pictures.

Let´s hope the ice won´t melt down too quickly at Antarctica.

Check out this expedition out with the same destination...

 Anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 people reside throughout the year at the research stations scattered across the continent. Organisms native to Antarctica include many types of algaebacteriafungiplantsprotista, and certain animals, such as mitesnematodespenguinsseals and tardigrades. Vegetation, where it occurs, is tundra.

The coldest place on earth and it is huge.....

At 14,000,000 square kilometres (5,400,000 square miles), it is the fifth-largest continent.

Scientists are very curious to explore more of that continent, not to mention how much of interest it has in the ongoing environment debate overall.

Stay tuned, there are more to come, all the time!

As it can be cold outside it can  sometimes be Stone Cold between humans

Tear Down That Wall!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power.

Simple expressed, if you have knowledge in a specific area, you feel safe to talk about it and you feel confident to convey it to others.Knowledge nake you confident overall and you will make sure that others get your tips along the way of your adventures in a business or in your seminars on the musicworld.

Of course, you could sell your own music online but that is for sure a real challenge.

Realistically, that is more possible for the already well-known band but ok., with much of quality in your music and good contacts you could get a deal somewhere.

Don´t get limited anywhere.If you are keen on listening to a lot of songs daily and want to produce a lot as well, go on and do it.Don´t let anyone stop you.

On the other side, you may need half a year of wondering about the next song

Do you like Whiskey? I don´t like it but this is a good song, good to dance to, for example.
Don´t let anyone stop you, do what you want to.There are forces in this world which get jealous on people who dare to go on and realize their passion and dreams into reality.

My latest song is about don´t getting stuck in unrealistic thinking but that said I would recommend you to going on with your visions and not give up on them.

If you need a group on Google + where you could submit your blog I would recommend 


My latest song here about perspective....

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rainbow Eyes

Do you feel well?

You need to look after your health overall to feel well.

Do you brush your teeth every day?

Your inner wealth is as important, of course.It will decide if you will be able to make the music you want or not.Find your inspiration to make the great and artistic music you want, my friend.

Chicago The Band, read here.

What is your real inspiration?

God? Architecture? Solely your own ideas.....

Whatever lies behind the idea to the next song, make sure you are contrbuting with something you can be proud of later.If not, sort it out and keep the cool songs with quality.

We know that we are listening to songs for the moment out from the mood and senses we have.

How many covers are made on that song? Who knows? Very many and I love this song.
I am improving my singing and then I am listening to old hits of Deep Purple and especially Rainbow.

Tragically, Sweden and Stockholm was hit yesterday by terror and this song was composed with a picture with thoughts on the victims and their dear ones.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shiny Diamond

Learning a language in a country is of course, crucial but culture and tradition is important as well.

I appreciate our skilled leaders of the basic industry the most and the good music we export now and then to the rest of the world.

For me as a christian it is important to try to make a difference in the society I am living in.


I have christian values and I am standing up for them.When our nation had normal wellfare in our nation it was a more safe nation As kids we were out playing on the ground, had races with bicycles and many other activities outside.Today it is more computergames and using of social platforms.We all know that they are here to stay but the swedish school was better many years ago.

Every nation has traditional, historical roots and as a christian nationalist I want to make a point  with the roots since thousands of years ago.
The Viking Leif Ericsson discovered New Foundland and North America.He was a christian viking.

How much hope do we have in our time? This song of Deep Purple is raising many thoughts, listen here.....

They will be together with Alice Cooper in concert.

Nowadays, a nice Alice Cooper.

Finally my latest contribution if you would like to listen to it:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brainy Quote

Social Networks and Facebook, is that all in that way?

When comes the next trend after Facebook?

Facebook is here to stay but we could yet see new trends anyway.As I have my own band I am interested in different contacts to share my music even more.As I have mentioned I have played in several bands.So far I am sharing my music on You Tube.

I assume you have seen the movie about how Facebook was founded, if not, here is a part of it where the trial will show who was right and who was wrong in the copyright of the idea behinds Facebook.

Could you imagine yourself come up with an idea like Facebook is? I would be very surprised if you are going to, but to come up with an idea beyond that isn´t impossible.

The guys behind You Tube saw a need on the internet and that was it! The simple fact that noone had innovated that before made it possible.

However, as time goes by it gets harder and harder to come up with something new beyond that.Here is a brilliant quote of the genius......

That pearl comes from this site:

Music has to be motivated by passion and therefore I am making a lot of songs right now.

I will sort out the songs with less quality and keep the best songs if I get the chance to give concerts in a couple of years or possibly earlier.Before that I have my audience on the internet.

Not exactly a sophisticated text on that song, no, but yet a passionate song from my heart.

Finally, a song by the old band Adolphsson & Falk from Sweden:


My latest song here about Real Visions:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Slow down a bit.....

Everything has to go so fast today, some are so speeded up that they haven´t got time to stop to think a while.

You could get tired by that mentally.Gather energy to the rest of your life and get rid of the energythieves.

You won´t win anything by being constant distressed.

Everything has to slow down instead so people get their time to think what they are doing Some would say, you are getting old man, that´s it!

Ok, I am getting older.However we should be able to handle that, or? With the age comes more experience and hopefully, more wisdom as well.

Where from do you believe the wisdom comes?

Some would say God, other would say the universe.

So for an atheist? Where from comes the wisdom for them? From their thinking you can clearly see that they are seekin their wisdom in the science.And of course, as a christian I can´t say anything against proven science but all kind of science aren´t prooved.

One group that is always working through their lyrics enough every time is Pink Floyd.

Finally, a song about The Creation here:

Excuse me, I can´t resist submitting a song about the speed, hehe.

Here, Speed King with Deep Purple.However, my dear friend, don´t speed things up too fast now.

News Update!!

My latest instrumental here,

The Body Language....

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Progressive Waters

What would you think if I would mention George Orwell?

Of course the book 1984, first and foremost.

How about the movie built on the book, have you seen it?

Orwell wrote this book 1948! and it was published the year after.Read about the content to it.

I am sure you know why I am taking on the subject, namely the patterns of the society today where many corrupt politicians and other "mighty" men and women are playing the game with us "average" people who don´t know as much as the "elite".

This is at least their attitudes many times.In such times have always more honest politicians began to act in a new way to show their criticism to the elite amongst the political elite.In such times we often see that a kind of progressive music is taking place in the musicworld wishing to replace the rotten kind of cheap styles that often are destroying the musicindustry overall.

During the 70:s we could see this kind of style in the progressive music:

Several different interpretations can be find here at this forum.

And the progressive music of today, how does it sound and most well-known artist?

Seriously, they are considering that kind of music today as progressive music, times are changing!

In my world they should work a little more on the content of the lyrics to consider that kind of techno and housemusic to be considered as progressive music.

Don Airey, the organist of  Deep Purple, has done a lot of progressive music and here I want to share one instrumental and one with Deep Purple where he is the organist.

Finally, my latest contributions again.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Power of Jamsession

Coffee and many thoughts, that will make my next blogpost.

What is happening right now with my band.First I want to tell you that my band won´t be a traditional band with concerts all the time as I still have my regular job but my vision is to share my music and then build on depending on what contacts are coming in my way.

For all my readers who are following me know how much I am using You Tube

Every musicartist today knows how important it is to be visible on You Tube.

Many of my readers who are following me know that I am also investing/saving in fundshares and recently I brought in profits from a fund, I got 378 dollar in a win.Now and then I am bringing in profits.As you know if you are investing in funds or stocks you know that you have to be patient to bring in the profits, it goes up and down.Follow the market.It´s a necessary income source besides my cleaning job.

I was an owner of a Hammond L-100 in those days I was playing in Solid Faith, on of the former band I have been playing in the past.We combined bluesroots with a heavy form of hardrock.

Whitesnake has always been a band to be inspired by and here......Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues.

I have to mention Dio, one of the greatest voices of all times in one of Rainbow´s
greatest songs....Light In The Black.

As a tip I want to give you an advice to stop surfing on pornsites.

Avoid that kind of sites and you will save energy.

But if you would avoid normal intimacy, friendship, loving yourself or any other kind of love that is normal for you , you can´t stay healthy.

I am still a single.

How am I surviving then? With friendshiplove and different basic love I have mentioned and of course, the love from God.Intimacy for me with a woman belongs to the marriage.However, the basic needs are for me filled in different ways with passion and love.

My latest heavy contribution here:

Remixed Version:


A new slideshow here, don´t miss out!