Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Say No To Insanity

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The title of this song is there for several reasons.Even if this isn´t a political blog I can see many insane ideas in the political world today.Some seems to think that they can twist the gender to a genderless status nowadays.This is so long from the common sense they can come and if they are not being warned for that in these days I would think that´s insane more or less.

Wake up!

In my book it is man or woman, boy or girl, not something weird in between all the time.We have seen the confusion as a fruit of that very weird reasoning.Let´s be reasonable, what would be the step after that then? To marry an animal? To arrange a wedding between two animals or even worse?

Speak up and stand for good values that every society needs to survive and not only survive but also work for more stable communities where people can be more safe and where tradition and culture has its given place.

I have always been interested in the history of Europe and the Castles of Europe  aren´t any exception.....

When I grew up there was a cartoon called Speedy Gonzales.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Independence Day

Independence Day

Nations will rise and nations will fall

No country is too small

Protect the borders

Or else your people will cry

Independence Day

We can hear and see our own defense

Days of liberation, days of freedom

Freedom from extreme streams

Freedom but yet order as it seems

Independence Day

The musical piece about how Sweden became Sweden during the time of Gustaf Wasa....
And this instrumental adventure:

Saturday, October 7, 2017

An Exciting Journey

Follow me on this journey!

Don´t take all for granted but be inspired through your life....

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I am always trying to improve my way of making music and I am daily watching musicclips on You Tube and one has to search for inspiration for the next video.

We living people are on our way to eternity.Use the metaphor and you will get

No Ending Road...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Funky Town

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Alright.I like to have variation in what I do.My style shines through it all.Well, it didn´t take long to make it.Improvisation out from a theme.If you want to listen to improvisation of worldclass, listen here to Esbjörn Svensson Trio....

Another master of improvisation in the jazzworld is Keith Jarreth, listen:

I am a musical alleater, that´s who I am.

Live your life with passion, aim for passion and sympathy for people in need.Do the best with your life and let the love flow through your music.

Be encouraged and find your energy and inspiration:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reality More Than Fiction-Part Two

The reality can be scary, however as I like when 

movies are more realistic I like when lyrics have more to do with the life itself than a science fiction.Poetry should also be full of 

associations with the life itself but painted in roses and other flowers.

Whether you have many or a few visitors, remember that you always have to do what you want with passion and not greed, so you always will keep it authentic in content and value.

Always remember to take it to the next level and keep the contact with those who really like what you are creating.

A track from the early Gillan projects here....

We are often living in periods where we like to discover more of our souls, more of the inner parts of us.Good luck on your journey to discover more parts of your own soul and let there be light there.

An important song about respecting the elders.....

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The World Of Poetry

Let There Be Light

Listen with your heart

Eat the meal as long as it´s warm

There was a time when you looked through the tunnel

Towards the day, we call it light

He is hovering over the earth with His finger

Ever since the dawn was created, the days are coming

Risen from the night, candles are talking

Eleven stars and the black hole is quiet

Boom, and the earth was created

Emotions of Fridays will move over to weekend days

Look at the moon and you will understand space

If you could kiss me you star of hope

Genesis is dynamic and time is talking

Hands with water will spread out vividly

Touches of evilness will flee for the force of day!

Don´t forget to wind this up:

I am sure you are curious on how the earth was created once and this my latest instrumental is about that, view these images first:

Listen to my latest songs here, you are very welcome!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Niagara Falls

News Update!!! Here my latest song about The Good News.

If you are keen on getting out a message you want to make that clear to your audience whether you are only sharing your music online or do have concerts offline too.

On my part I am open to begin playing with others again, then it would be a matter of a guitarplayer and possibly female singer in the background but that will the future show.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Let´s Remember Bach

To find inspiration amongst classical music can be a challenge.

Yngwiee Malmsteen has done that for years and I am familliar with the result.

A brilliant guitarrist with brilliant technique.However, the technique isn´t everything when it comes to music, the tender touch and feeling of it is crucial, of course.

Here, Rainbow´s take on Beethoven´s The Ninth:

Finally, a favorite, Toccata in D-minor by Johann Sebastian Bach:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Avoid the extreme ditches

Why not include the lyrics into the blogpost so here you are:

Common Sense, I Salute You

They are always there
They will always try to
Put everything to the extremes

Should you rebuke them
Or should you deny them?

The more balanced people want
A more balanced talk
With them you can take a walk

Sorry, but another worldwar
Is only avoided with common sense
So, welcome to the fair and balanced.

Common Sense, I salute you

The latest instrumental here:

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Next Treasure


Get the power now, from above
Share your tunes, share your love

Don´t look back in your old life
Just move forward, without any strife

Kill your inner beast
You would fly in freedom, at least

We want to give you the measure
In the next kind of treasure

The Next Treasure

Don´t You Flee

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Learn from the history

How to find ideas to write lyrics for a song?

Whatever kind of ideas you get to write a song you want to find the inspiration somewhere,

In a movie, from a well-known band or from a rainy day?

The thoughts should go to the victims in Houston, what a disaster there.

Could you find inspiration in the reality? Of course, but you also need your imagination and metaphors to complete your own lyrics in your songs.

If you are making covers, that´s ok even if many, many are doing that already in this time.

Big words there.However, I believe that nations can change in this time 

The Magic Chamber....

You have to have the magic in your music.Every musician wants the mysterykind of feeling in their music which makes it more interesting than the average song which could on the other side be like a plastic copy of every other song you have composed recently.

Try to include the variation in both instrumental songs and songs with your lyrics.

Now to something else.If you aren´t convinced on how awful the dictatorship was in the Old CCCP, take a look on this horrible movie which shows how they treated the opponents during that dictatorship.

They are welcome with every documentary on how awful the nazis were but they should dig more in the history and it is my responsibility to include historical facts on how bad Stalin treated his people during his time of terror.

We as humans must learn enough from the history not to repeat the mistakes.

News Update!!

About predictions here......I Told You So:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The magic in the music

A magician don´t want others to be able to figure out how he makes the tricks, that´s a simple fact.

Does a musician thinks in the same ways?

Yes and no.

When you hear about a new artist coming out with a brand new album, do you think he started yesterday with his career? I wouldn´t think so but we are living in a society where everything must happen at once, overnight.

To practice on the long term doesn´t exist, it has to happen very fast nowadays.

I heard the same nagging when I started out as an affiliate marketer many years ago.Due to the "besserwissers" it probably would be a waste of time for me to even try to make any money, I would probably fail.Some years after that I actually made pretty well and earned what they claimed I wouldn´t.

Is it jealousy?

Yes, a bit of it even if you of course meet those who have better attitudes and who want to actually learn more about what you are doing.A good and curious attitude is a good thing while the destructive attitudes always come from jealous and selfdestructive people.

I and a friend will travel to a concert in Gothenburg with Scorpions in November.

I am totally sold for this song by them.

Of course, I have heard them many times on You Tube.

However, that one is a special one for two reasons.They dare to renew their music with a song as don´t really sound as a typical Scorpionssong.Of course, they always have their style and yet they dare to make something different.

It´s about the magic in the song.

That one doesn´t sound too complicated and it shouldn´t.Though, I believe it has a measure of magic.

What has the winner of the series Idol ?

Yes, much of talent but also a sourrounding magic which makes much of the things happen around them.

Many ideas to songs, many ideas of twisting ideas with each other.

When you have been away from a friend too long you are very glad to see them again, aren´t you? Especially if she is your girlfriend.That song isn´t about a girlfriend but about a friend and the expression......

Long time no see

became very true.

Spend qualitytime with your friends and try to bring blessings into their lives even in hard times.Bless your friends and remember, even a talent need to work hard to achieve anything with her music.

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About Changing Nations!!