Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Vikings

Viking Power, Vikingrock and similar can be interesting.

As long as it isn´t related to something extreme.I won´t ever be interested in worshipping Tor or Oden but at the same time we swedes have some cultural roots from their era.

Here, a song from a band called Månegarm....

Yes, a lullaby and therefore I have chosen a more powerful one here.Enjoy it!

There are many documentaries about The Vikings on You Tube, here is one of them:

Of course, you can´t stand up for everything of what they did as they were very brutal but at the same time they were skillful craftsmen and communitybuilders.

Here is the lyric from one of my songs.....

Do you remember, the vikings from the north?
They are coming again, coming again.

Could you imagine the mystery in the wood?
Can you hear the sacred whisper there?

Can you feel the healing from the Lord?
He wants to embrace you with His grace.

Do you remember your first kiss?
It was as special as you are.

Are we the last generation?

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