Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Sun Was Hidden

How much of music do you honestly like?

I am an eater of all kind of music if you like and that feels good.When I grew up I had a journey between different styles but often returned more to symphonyrock and hardrock.

Although, today I am going to forward videos of some other styles than before.

When I am on it I am going to play two of the most played soundtracks ever.

Gold is gold wherever you hear about it even if it´s as the medallion in a championship, for the criminal or for the investor.As always, it´s your motive as makes the crucial difference.

(I hope you´re not tempted to be the criminal.....).

What a mighty challenge to have to honor the Bondtradition.

Sometimes I even listened to the jazzstyle when I grew up and often to the master of improvisation, 

Keith Jarret.

Here, his masterpiece from Frankfurt.....

Finally.I have started to add some cool effects initially to my recordings.An example of it here as I did a remixed version of  The Sun Was Hidden

News Update!!

My latest song here.....

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