Monday, March 19, 2018

The Candle In The Dark

Have you heard about Illuminati and the platform for The New World Order?

Not exactly the people want to play with.....

Of course, as always you have to question the conspiracies but be aware of the times we are living in on the other side.

What is facts and what is fake?

Don´t believe everything in the former video there but take it with you as a warning that a time like this could easily turn to a fast platform for AntiChrist and The New World Order.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Beyond Toccata

One could need a reminder about the Toccata as we know it.

My contribution is, of course my own composition, not a cover by any means.

It´s not hard to find inspiration amongst the works of Bach, suddenly they appear there.

Once again but this time a violinconcerto......

Bach was known as the a composer in the baroque period.Many hardrock guitarrists have found their great inspiration from that ancient period and conveyed it to their masterpieces from the 70:s and forward.Of course, Ritchie Blackmore is one of them and here a famous song with his Rainbow.....

Hall of the Mountain King...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Heading For Eternity

Are you a believer?

Some want to keep that as a private part and question while others want to share it with others.As we know that is always a matter of balance in your life and I would like to give you the tip to share when doors are open for it.

When people are curious enough to want their answers to several question, then you shouldn´t keep it only for yourself but share what you know from the bible and bless others.

Some wonder about eternity while others only are atheists who materialize everything in life.

Be prepared, read articles and know your bible.

Times are coming when it gets harder to tell others about The Good News so share it in times like this while you can.

In times of trouble the enemy will blow himself up and try to scare you.

Never be strangled by fear, keep sound courage and freedom to speech in your mind and mission yet if the times will get rough.Meet others needs and keep love and compassion.

This one Firestorm In Dresden and a video about the historical facts around it after the instrumental song there:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pearl Harbour

Who knows when this will happen in a time like this?

Have you seen the movie behind the title?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Can You Wait For Me?

Can your friends wait for you?

Can your beloved one wait for you?

Are you able to wait for the right moment yourself?

Are you able to evolve the things in your life you need? Go on and do the things in your life you really want.

Can you wait for me?

Don´t rush into decisions you only would regret afterwards.Waiting is a part of your life, it´s hard but we need to wait for others and they need to wait for us.You are not especially strong as a lonely wolf, you need your relations, you need your friends.

This sounds like a mighty one, I hope you will enjoy it....

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Battle Against The Dragon

There is an ongoing battle in your mind and you have to win that battle.

There is an ongoing battle in the spiritual world and you need help from the Word of God to win that battle on the other side.

Do you have victories in your life or do you suffer constant failures?

We need different keys to find the ways to destroy destructive castles of thoughts in our minds.

The way to freedom is to change our thinking to more constructive thinking.Some would like to call it the typical positive thinking but that expression isn´t enough.It is true to a degree but it is also a question of constructive thinking as well.

Be a part of the battle against the dragons in this society when they come in the clothes of pretending, false light, lies and decieving power.

Participate in finding the ways to freedom also in others lives to help them.

Unfortunately we are living in a world where the terrorthreats are real and they can strike where we aren´t expecting it at all....

Update!! My latest song here.......

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Values Will Survive

Don´t lose your belief in old values, they will survive even in a society like this.
We can often hear about that now has The New World Order taken over, that is at least what the globalist wish.

Of course, you can´t just wish nationalism so your nation will be isolated but to value your own culture and values in your nation is at least in my book, yet so important.

That song is a combo between a dancebeat and symphonyrock, enjoy it!

Here an interview with my favorite amongst hammond organists, Don Airey.

Here, fly away with this one.The eagle is a special bird which has the eye for the landscape and sharp eyes to find their food.

And this one about a place where you could find your possible treasure, that is, hehe, at least what the movies are telling us....

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Suddenly It Happens

Surprises appear occassionaly and it could happen anytime.Let´s hope they are positive surprises.
Many things in your life happen due to the choices you made but also as a result of good work you made in your life.

I believe that every believer has a guardian angel and they can be mighty, check out this one!

A simple but yet so important expression after an accident.....

He/she had a guardian angel....

And here my latest instrumental song:

Red roses of the romantic world.I hope you will enjoy this one:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

From Yesterday To Tomorrow

We musicians start out somewhere and the I began to play in my home in Anderstorp at that time where I grew up.Went at a musicalschool and played the trombone first and then piano in my home to continue with the synthezeiser in the first band I played in.

There are many partyvideos on You Tube and it could be talk about Partypranks.

Well, go to your party but don´t drink too much.

The Scandinavian Viking is here again...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Don´t Forget The First Love

How you interpretate this is up to you, it could be a woman, it could be something else you are passionate about, it could be a spiritual thing.

You can hear that I have a variation in my songs, yet you can hear my certain style within it.

Of course when you are making an instrumental song you are somewhat a bit limited as you only can leave a text content in the title so you have to think about what character you have in the song anyway to convey the feeling you want.

I have seen Deep Purple twice in Sweden.Once in the 80:s in Malmoe and once in my hometown here.

Here, an awesome concert of the band in Malmoe-87...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year´s Atmosphere

Happy New Year to All of You!

With a new Year come all sorts of resolutions and expectations on it.
Don´t set the level of expectations too high but not too low either.

Be reasonable and expect the best.

Do you want to make that travle to another corner of the world and discover another country? Do you want to start all over with a new kind of job.

Again be reasonable and don´t wish to do all things in a year, that would be too much for you.

Let us take one step at the time.

We can´t live in a society without rules.Well, what kind of rules are there? Rules out from common sense or complicated rules that will make it difficult and hard for people.

Another motive when setting up rules are 


I am glad to see you again!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Another Year

Merry Christmas all dear friends!

Here, an album with Elvis Christmassongs.

Sometimes it feels like time is standing still, not in a negative way but just like you are able to think enough what you are doing in life.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The King Of The City

Coming back for more another time.

Until then, Happy Hour!

The filmindustry has its ups and downs but what would we do without it? After all, it is a piece of all our lives, most people are interested in a good movie or two when they have an hour left.

Then, who became Lost In Hollywood?

Extremely good vocalist there, I have to mention that.

I got the idea to my latest topic of my this instrumental from some swedish actresses who finally found Hollywood in their career.Read about Ingrid Bergman, for example.

Now you might think, from this to that.However I want to reserve some space to include my latest songs later in the blogpost and that is what I do here and now.

I have a passion to baptize my instrumental compositions after mighty areas on Earth such as The Arctis  (Check out my song, The Antarctica.

And on the following video you have the option to view the fantastic national park, Grand Canyon....

News Update!!

My latest song Another Year here about the experiences you have from the this year.