Thursday, December 18, 2008

Affiliated Product Network

This business is online again and now with downloadable products for the affiliates.

A requirement for the new site is a monthly downloadable product and as a silver affiliate I have downloaded some e-books now.

The minimum number of sites to view for me is 20 pages a day, and I will earn revenues on that, but also on the purchases of the downloadable products as well.

The banner looks like this now:

This is a business built for the long term so take a serious look at it.

We have seen to many programs go online to disappear only a couple of months later.

If you agree on this, take a look at this business!

1 comment:

Oldbuddy said...

This program gets dimmer every week. My over $1,000 in advertising rebated less than $4 this week and it doesn't even cover my $4 Product Cost. I took them off my website at