Friday, December 5, 2008


I recieved this encouraging email today:

Congratulations Mattias Kroon!

Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!Your direct referral has spent $ 530.00 and you have received a direct commission of $ 53.00!Great job and thank you!NOTE: Please visit our thread in the new Forum to share your success and excitement with others. 10DollarsWonder Team

This was nice.However something happened during this process with the conversion to high priority positions for this referral but I am sure they will resolve this to the best.

It´s fantastic to keep a cycler alive for so long.

The first thing I noticed with 10DollarsWonder was that it is a healthy program and opportunity.

So now I will share the excitement at the new forum, whoooo!!!!

I couldn´t log in right now, but will try later:

They are not promising too much but just simply explain how it works and should work for everyone.

No one is left behind!

EasyShareProfit also works very fine.This is also a healthy model as it´s not a high risk program.

In this model it doesn´t exceed 10% in daily profits, it lies between 1-5 %.

This keeps it going well all the time!

It´s an autosurf, a good one.Please visit the site for more info on it!


gordboehler said...

Great to see commissions like that and that 10DollarsWonder is still rolling along.


Mattias Kroon said...

Yes, and he got his high priority positions as well.

In my eyes is 10Dollars one of the most reliable opportunities online.

Especially in those times when you need to be aware of tricky scams out there it´s very worthful with reliable programs.

blondie said...

Nice commissions Mattias!
You deserve it!!
You're a very good and supportive promoter and we all appreciate you.
Take care now,

Mattias Kroon said...

Veru much thanks Blondie!

Thanks for your kind words here:)

Take care!