Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cozy moments in life

For long I have used Internet Explorer as my browser.Sometimes I have tried Firefox, but wasn´t really impressed first.

Now, I have experienced that Firefox is better to use when I want to open some sites that aren´t smooth to open with IE.So, I use the both browsers when it is most suitable.

Learn to be flexible!

But be aware of the weaknesses in using betaversions!

It could screw up your computer and make it more difficult than with the older versions.Sometimes it can be ok with betaversions, but make sure when it is ok, alright?!

10DollarsWonder celebrated its 2 years anniversary yesterday!

didn´t mention it then but I have mention it several times before and in fact, I made a notice about it as an event on my community, NewNetMailPeople.

It is very strong to run a cycler for so long as two years, and why not two more years?

I wouldn´t complain, hehe:)

has been an enjoyable experience with family but without animals(wonder what Blondie will say!?)

Now to some cozy music:

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