Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Growth

How do you build your business?

With people you continue to have contact with or do you forget them as YOU had the benefit of them?

I am not so totally convinced that every program that grows so fast necessarily must be the best program always.We have seen examples of program growing over 100 000 members quickly and then fall quickly as their founders had many bad affairs behind.

As long as they can fool people they are getting away, those scamartists, but when the truth is getting nearer they have more and more hard to hide away.

An admin who never needs to hide is a honest admin.

AdPackNetwork is running again with their old site.A temporarily solution, and a good one until the new site is ready for use.

Their admin is from Luxembourg, Henryk, and he is often seen at their support on Skype.

A good admin.

We have seen the scams, the hype and we just must take the experience from those never to fall for those again.

Of course a business needs growth but see how it grows as well.Have the owners control of it?

Do they benefit the members? Do they care enough for the pay outs?

Have the right signs and you shall find the reliable programs!

Music Maestro!

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