Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Over 20 000

10DollarsWonder now has over 20 000 members!

This is great!

This makes it more easy for the cycler to continue to cycle with new members coming in all the time!

And an admin who always comes up with good ideas to keep it going.

This is absolute one of the most reliable programs on the net.

I would like to invite you again to my community which is called NewNetMailPeople.
Here you can read about private internetmail and other good programs as well.

What is private internetmail, you may ask!

Well, as a solution to all the spams flooding in to "the oldfashioned email" of today it is the first serious replacement and encrypted solution.

This is a community, but the encrypted internetmail NewNetMail was one of the first program I joined on the internet.

So, again welcome to our community and learn from other experienced networkers.

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