Sunday, December 21, 2008

Value Your Friends

Do you value your friends?

Are you helping friends?

Simple questions and the answer should be yes every time, but it isn´t that simple.

People forget us from time to time.Other things are more important and to earn money of course is the most important.

Well, we need them to live, but I for myself, set a high value on my friends all the time.

My friends are much more important than all the money on the earth!

Greediness is an evil force who sets its trap around people´s neck!

I am glad that I can handle money in the way God wants and not in a greedy way.

The only way to get out of this crisis is to defeat greediness in its nature!

It is and will be painful to do it in a way many don´t want today, but yet necessary.

The truth can be painful but at the same time very delivering!

Defeat the selfish person in you.

God Bless Your Business!


MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

Hi Mattias

I wish everyone could see and take your advice from todays post. If we were all just a little less greedy and a little more giving to those who are in need or even just there for us when we need I think the world would be a whole lot more pleasant every where.

I really enjoy reading your posts like this. I feel how kind a soul you are, something I take pride of having around me ....good, kind, unselfish souls.

Keep Smiling my gentle friend

Mattias Kroon said...

We are the same nature you and I:)

Thanks for the encouraging words.