Thursday, January 8, 2009

Featured Member

Hi all rockers!

I am now a featured member on StartUpBiz.

This is a great community and I can strongly recommend it if you aren´t a member there.There are a lot of interesting groups and many well known writers in the news world are watching what is going on there, so you will get some good exposure if you become active there!

I have joined a new traffic exchange called TopTierTraffic, and it is founded by the well known owner of WebBizInsider, Matthew Graves. It has already soon surpassed 5000 members!

So what else are up for today?

I got a good feeling of that this business will become real large:

The growth seems good and even better, they have a goal to set a new standard for the internet industry.

That is needed today as the scamartists fool too many networkers and even experienced networkers sometimes.

It can be tricky to disclose them sometimes!

Beware of the wolves, they clothe themselves like "sheeps" sometimes, hmmmmmm.....

---Now to something else---

WebYourWay is a new search engine and they will have a new internetmail service called B-Mail

It is my most active member in 10DollarsWonder
who have introduced it to me.

They haven´t launched yet but will soon.......

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