Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stocks And Funds

A quick update!

I have begun to research some funds from my internet bank in Sweden.When I sold my shares in one Eurofund, I earned around 380 dollars and I will continue to do business in this area and eventually with stocks as well.The requirement is that one follows the curves for every company that is interesting and buy the shares in an interesting company going well, or a fund going strong and sell it, just in time, before it goes down again.

it is a question of timing and info all the time.Read newspapers and follow the news!

I will complete my portfolio with those affairs.

Recently I bought shares in an obligationfund for over 1000 dollars.

So, a tip.....get some education about stocks and funds!


Is that a cycler?

No, it is a long term autosurf with a much better model than the others.

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