Monday, January 12, 2009


If it´s true that only 3% succeeds in this industry one should take a look at why that is a fact.I know that networkers thinks rather different when it comes to the typical MLM models but we have seen many many of those typical MLM models fail.Now I know that some claims that MLM is about you and so on....but there must be another reason than lack of training and experience which return this ridicolous only 3% success rate in this business.

I have often seen in the typical MLM-schemes that only the "TOP" earns when those who come in later can´t earn a dime.In those programs members are running wild to get sign ups and nearly promote to their own dogs and cats to get the results, (I hope you have a sense of humour).

Today I believe in targeted marketing, magnetic sponsoring and taking care of your downline.And in my main business, 10DollarsWonder I have 18 paying members out of 61 referrals.

It is better for you to have 10 active members than 100 passive members, believe me.

Be a part of turning those "only 3%" to something much better!!

Soon you will hear more about a better system called MDM, Multi Dimensional Marketing!!

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Here you will earn money just by using the search engine.This system also has a new e-mail they call B-Mail.They have 27 patents and will get in on Wall Street! It hasn´t launched yet, but will soon.....

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