Monday, January 5, 2009

Why only 3%?

They say that only 3% of all networkers earn decent money online!!

Why is that?

I had a time in the beginning of my online experience when I hadn´t a clue on how to make money in this industry.During 2008 that changed into a more regular income, not that much yet but an income.When you establish your own business you must repurchase with what you have earned so you become well established.But with a base of diversified advertising and multiple income streams, the possibility to increase it is higher.

I would think that the main reason that so many fails is lack of training and that so many networkers jump from opportunity to opportunity.I have found that one must focus on the good programs one has found to make progress there and not be "tempted" to jump on every bizopps that shows up.

One must have a certain "feeling" for which program or business to hang on.

So, here are networkers who really earn decent money then amongst us?

Good then.....cause too many lose far too much of money.

And now if you have experience, share it with others, and not just take time to advertise all the time.Be a consultant!

You should train your downline, cause you can bet that the most of them are rather unexperienced.

Be a part of those who turn that only 3% to someting better!

Let´s dance!

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