Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attitude Is Everything

I am and will post subjects here that I have experinced myself.That is the most honest way to go.

In fact, when I had written about that the most HYIP:s are scams one member in Traffic Era
wrote in a message that he had been scammed in a......HYIP!!

I can imagine that there are a very small percentage of those who are paying out, but HYIP:s are almost always scams.

One need to write like it is.We need to advice others about the long term and good businesses and not mislead anyone, at least I won´t do that.

Especially when we are in contact with and when we train newbies we need to give the right advises, that´s for sure.

Have you got any responsibility for other networkers?

I do and I won´t lead anyone astray in what I do.

One other thing that I come back to always is the fact that attitude is everything in this business!

Are you interested in what others do?

Do you pay attention to them?

Do you feel frustrated everytime you surf on an exchange or when you write a blog?

Have the right attitude and others will feel attraction in what you do!

Attitude is eveything!

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