Monday, February 16, 2009


Let us be honest here.

Where do you spend your energy?

On endless disputes leading nowhere, or on constructive discussions where you feel uplifted?

This is so important as there are people on communities sometimes who nearly want to drag you into conversations which only drags you down, down when you should go up and up.....

Are people talking good or bad about you??

If you are a reputable networker they should respect you or else it is rather strange I would say.
One thing is for sure.If you act with dignity, you will get some respect for it.Many people use the word love and it is a beautiful word.

But you should as often use the word respect!

Not to force it through, but if you do something worthful for others, they will notice it and credit you for it, as long as you are honest with your acts!

Is this a lesson in psychology??

No, it is just common sense and a little feeling, hehe.....

Build your future with constructive thinking.


Matt said...

Here's my 2 cents: You need to manage your energy through the day - so if you like getting up early, and other people are asleep, you could find you can get a lot done then. Also, it helps if you make a list - this can be on paper on your your phone. When you have done something you can cross it off. It gives you a boost - a good feeling, and keeps you motivated.

Have a good day.

FHuge Success

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Matt!

Thanks for the advises and they were surely suitable for this subject:)