Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Listening Admin

A listening admin is a good admin.

An admin who can´t take constructive crtiticism has got problems.And he will get problems with developing the business he is representing or even a founder of.

That´s my point of view.

I have seen programs that slows down because of lack of interest in developing the business(it sounds more serious than program), and every admin of a business should listen both to the members in their business and to other associated founders as well in this industry.

How many times have your question remained unanswered from an admin?

Well, we know that they are busy, but if they of some odd reason reject your well motivated question, then it is really odd, I would say.

Good admins in this time aren´t greedy admins but generous admins who love to pay out!

Well, who are the scam artists?

They are the greedy ones who only want to fill their own pockets all the time.

In this business we just have to see new models that are designed by generous networkers who have a new standard of ethical thinking and who are interested in other networkers success as much as in their own success.

A good business is a business that is online for years, and one very fine example of that is

Ohhhh, but that is an old program, some are thinking.......come up with a new one.
Now here is the problem and weakness in many businesses.They have a strong flow from the beginning and then it slows down.The challenge for the future will be to design businesses who have a potential to rise from those "slow" periods and then continue to grow again.

Every time it has slowed down in 10DollarsWonder, the admin has come up with a new bright idea to make the profit grow again.

A listening admin is a good admin!

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