Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now you are able to log into and verify your account.

I logged in and saw that my details were in order and my referrals were also there.

You can´t lock in for high priority positions yet, but it will be possible very soon.There have been technical issues concerning this but now it seems to open in a few days.

This is exactly the same system as 10DollarsWonder, it is simply another possibility to earn in this cycling system as well.

Remember to stay tuned and also read the updates in 10DollarsWonder.

Gord invited me to TameTheNet and I joined yesterday.This is an ad exchange to earn revenues from and until the 31 March you will get a 100% match on your ad package purchases.

This has an interesting feature, you must rate each site, before you can proceed to the next....

I think it´s fun with some variations on those, so this was cool!

Music Maestro, listen you hammond lovers!

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