Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Future Of Online Business

The future of online business, how will it be?

I can see some areas that are in a real need of development.

1.More actual business
2.Smoother ways to get paid directly to your bank account
3.More fair models

Is it possible with a change in the right direction?

More actual business

We have seen a lot of advertisment online the latest years, but I believe that we need to see more of "actual business".Then it is important to discover the products that online users really need.

What kind of products are these?

It is up to you and me to do a research for those kind of real products that attracts online users.

Some of them already exists but the overflowing of advertisments tell me something, namely that it must be balanced with more of "actual products", even if advertisments are products too.

Smoother ways to get paid

You know the risks of this.Even if there are good payment processors out there, we have a need of more smoother and hassle free ways to get paid directly to our bank accounts.

How to achieve this?

I have my ideas and eventually I want to share them, but in general I think we will see more businesses creating their own processors so that members in their companies will get paid directly to their bank account from their companies.

Is this achieveable?

I certainly hope so, cause the more parties involved, the higher risks.

I would also believe that the current payment processors who want to be in the lead need to develop their services as well.

More fair models

From my point of view was the first MLM-models in this industry not working for networkers joining at a later time in the system.

Even if some of them works, many of them have failed in a short time and the challenge for the future will be to create more fair system when it comes to this.

The programs and businesses that really works have the most fair systems, that is my experience.

The future of online business

Do you believe we can achieve this?

If more networkers shall succeed, we certainly need to strive for this...

Let´s be constructive!!

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