Friday, March 6, 2009

Time To Preach

Today it´s time to preach.

Where are the true preachers of today?

I read that religious people are those who have the biggest problems with porn.

Isn´t it amazing that those who shall represent God and His Kingdom fail to do this so obvious?

I am not the one to judge but God will, that´s for sure and He starts with His own people!

We can only recieve His grace and love if we repent from our sins.

I would think it is high time to do that in a time like this.
God wants to show His ways for everyone who seeks His Kingdom first.


His love drives the fear away!

Passion and love comes from above but so hard to recieve for those with a stubborn mind....
Let His life flow through your mind in an hour like this!

Listen to this song:

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