Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who do you want to meet?

Who do you want to meet?

My mother passed away many years ago and it would be nice to meet her again.
Of course I would want to meet the great men and women of history and especially those that I have more knowledge about.

Sometimes I want to meet an interesting person when I am on some kind of journey....other times a man of God.

We want to meet those that affects us in some kind of way and we want to meet those people that do surprise us.

We want to experience new things all the time, that´s our nature....

Who do you want to hug?

An animal?

Aren´t human beings more important than animals? I respect every animal but I do have more respect for human beings.

We are social beings with social needs, don´t forget that.

Now I want to meet a special woman in my dreams....

Good night!

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