Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Auction Position

If you doubt if the new deal is working in 10DollarsWonder I can tell you that it works.I bought two positions 2009-04-09 and have been cycling since then.Today I bought two more positions and locked in another auction position.

You will start to cycle again, even on your low priority positions with this new deal, so why not do it?

I don´t know any other cycler which has been here for so long as 10DollarsWonder, do you?

A crucial key in this business is to find the programs who last for long and then stay with them to get profitable in those, that´s the key!

You know, a good admin has nothing against to pay you, and if he is the best admin he also wants you to be profitable, cause his greatest joy is to do good to others!


blondie said...

So Mattias,
you're saying that your older positions in 10dw are cycling as well as the new ones?
I was hesitant myself but know that I can trust your word.
Thanks :)

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Blondie.

This is from the rules:

If you lock in a good amount of auction-positions, your lower-priority positions will have bonus cycling. The amount of bonus cycling depends on total weekly purchases from all members.

So, you need at least two new positions to get started, but with a good amount of those bonus positions, it will have a positive effect also on the lower positions.

Every program needs new money flowing in, that´s a fact!

Mattias Kroon said...

And yes, I started to cycle on the other high positions as soon as I had bought two new ones from AlertPay.

You are always welcome here, Blondie:)

Missi .... said...

Hey Mattias

Yes I too dont often comment but visit every day you update. You are the reason I decided to give the new promotion a go and get a couple myself to try it out. I am happy to say I have had the same experience as you since buying them 2 positions. I too will work my way up to purchasing another 2 after withdrawal soon.

Hope you are well. Keep smiling


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Missi!

You are welcome to visit with or without comments, hehe.And you are very nice too:)