Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Pattern

We have seen it too many times.A new program comes, the revenue is high from the beginning and then slows down.

How could we break this circle?

I have several multiple income streams.Am I a millionaire yet?

No.But I have learnt some principals which will work on the long term.We just need to be engaged and find the principals and teamwork in those programs so that they can be more long lasting.

But here is one other thing to wonder about.

How to help an admin to make a program alive again when it has slowed down?

Hopefully, we can work as a team to find creative ways to make the revenue go up again.

Which program am I writing about?

Hehe, I am writing about the most internet business in general with some strong exceptions, cause how many programs have last for years in this business?

Do you want to see more long lasting businesses?

Of course you want to, but then it´s up to you to participate and do your part!

The future of online business:


Gord said...


Excellent article. Profit share programs certainly require a team effort to boost daily ROI's plus a good referral programs with new member's adding funds to keep the "rebates" at a constant level. When a program becomes saturated the only other answer is outside revenue funneling
profits back into the profit share pool.

In a perfect world where everybody upgrades and regularly "rolls up" or deposits with hew funds these programs can last indefinitely but the average number of "active" to "free" members is usually around 25% unfortunatly, which can keep a program rolling for a few months...the reasoning for a steady inflow of new members.


Mattias Kroon said...

Good answer there Gord!

Yes, a steady flow of new members is required too, of course.I got a sign up to APN today!