Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Next Goal

Do you need a goal for your business?

Yes, absolutely!

And what is that goal?

The first goal for me when I started out on my venture was to make the first sale.I struggled to get the first sign up in a program that is one of the most successful businesses ever created on the internet, even today, and the founder behind Free Store Club, Paul Burks eventually founded
NewNetMail, the private internetmail.

I got my first sign up in FSC, but did my first sale in NewNetMail.What seemed so hard in the beginning was achieved, and now next question appeared.What is the next goal? To earn more?
How much more? What do I want out of my internet business?

Several questions and the next goal became clear.I want to find an easier way to earn money than to fill a matrix all the time.

Then I found 10DollarsWonder!


What a brilliant model! Now I don´t need to fill that matrix, but can purchase positions towards my advertising and earn when I cycle instead.Many networkers have suffered under too heavy burdens trying to fill those matrixes before being able to earn anything at all.This wasn´t needed anymore even if I knew the benefits of still getting referrals.

During those times there were many temptations to give up but I, luckily, never did.

And the next goal after this?

To start my own company in Sweden, even if it´s still part time, and to gather all my programs under one roof, Creative Marketer was of me founded....

The next goal will of course be, getting in profit in all my programs, and all networkers know the risks today, with too many programs slowing down or disappear, so we better do our research all the time!

And now I have begun to create a new marketing concept, with thoughts of a new site around it.The name already exists on my homepage, CREATIVE MARKETING CONCEPT(CMC).

I don´t know where this journey will end, I am busy reaching my goals....

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