Sunday, April 12, 2009

Opportunity vs. Investment

Some are disappointed at 10DollarsWonder right now as they don´t earn anything on the positions they have bought before.We need to purchase new auc-positions to be in this new promotion deal.

And here the topic comes in.

What is the crucial difference between a business opportunity and an investment?

In an investment program you can earn a passive income just by investing without any need to do anything else.

In an opportunity some efforts are needed from your side.

In 10DollarsWonder new money must flow in, new purchases must be done to make members cycling again.

Every time the cycling is slowing down, admin(Chung), is trying to make things happen again and now with this new deal with auction-positions.

But as always, if the cycling will be higher or not, that is up to us members!
Don´t forget this.

I recently bought two new positions from AlertPay, and I am an old member here.

You can´t see this program as a passive income!
Some efforts are required from you to make this continue.

So, if you want this program to live longer, do some purchases from your processor!

We need more activity, both in purchases, but also in promotion!


Gord said...


Good comparison of investment and opportunity...programs like 10 Dollarswonder and profit shares need those upgrades and purchases coming in on a daily basis to keep operating.


Jim van Gompel said...

If the cycling is about 2/3 times a week it will take about 39 to 58 weeks to break even. 10dw is RIP

Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Gord, therefore it is so important to understand the difference between those models.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Jim!

As soon as I had bought two new positions and got one auction position, my positions started to cycle again.This system has slowed down before and have started to cycle many times before.Now, this is a new deal right now.