Saturday, April 25, 2009

Renewed Life

So, it´s time to update again....

Good, I always update when something of importance appears on the scene.I joined Global Revenue Share,

which is the attempt to bring the growth back to Affiliated Product Network again.

With a very good start of 15 % of weekly revenue sharing, it surely looks promising.

I believe that GRS will be like a bringer of renewed life into APN.

It is always a challenge to find the strong continuation when a program has slowed down, but this seems like the right try.

It seems like those revenue sharing programs are the hottest opportunities of 2009!

I can imagine that it´s hard to admit that for some MLM.ers who still are "doing the same MLM-concept they always have done".

Gosh! You need some development man!

The first opportunity that delivered us from this painful "filling the matrix-model" was definitely 10DollarsWonder, at least in my opinion.

So, to something totally different.

What do you think of today´s moral standard?

Aren´t there too much of disgusting videos on MTV, for example?

I don´t use to look at them, but we are more or less overflooded by those disgusting videos and lyrics and we can remember the difference if we compare it to how it was for many years ago.

See this video as a good example,

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