Thursday, April 2, 2009

Steady Growth

Well, time for an update again.I have joined some programs lately and TameTheNet works very fine.They have an interesting system on the site where you first fill up a wallet from the transfer cash system within the site, but first from AlertPay or Solid Trust Pay.Then you use your wallet to purchase new packages and the minimum package goes for 10 dollars.The daily revenue varies but have been very good the most days.

Changes in 10DollarsWonder:

Starting 04/01/09, we are offering a best promotion deal ever. You can lock in good amount of auction positions for "High-priority" cycling no matter you have prior 09/12/08 positions or not. You can take this advantage and build significant amount of earning positions without spending many months or years. Following are the rules for this promotion:
Every 2 new purchase will lock in 1 auction-position. The auction-position will be created by the system automatically and have "-AUC" code at the end of each position. The direct sponsor commission will NOT be issued for the auction-position. Both new positions and auction-positions will cycle at High-priority.
From 04/01/09 to 04/30/09, you can lock in up to 90 auction-positions for high-priority cycling.
From 05/01/09 to 05/31/09, you can lock in up to 60 auction-positions for high-priority cycling.
From 06/01/09 to 06/30/09, you can lock in up to 40 auction-positions for high-priority cycling.
From 07/01/09 to 07/31/09, you can lock in up to 30 auction-positions for high-priority cycling.
From 08/01/09 to 08/31/09, you can lock in up to 10 auction-positions for high-priority cycling.
Your account Lock-in date will be resetted to the date that your first claim the aution-positions. Which means that you can not withdraw for 30 days (starts from Lock-in date).
If you lock in good amount of auction-positions, your lower-prioity positions will have bonus cycling. The amount of bonus cycling depends on total weekly purchases from all members.
Although the promotion is planned to end on 08/31/09. If the purchases exceed our limit, We may stop the promotion any time.

We have an innovative admin(Chung) in 10DollarsWonder who always try to find new ways to increase the daily earnings from our positions, but we must also do our part.

He has cleaned up the membership data base again because he wants active members.And we know that this creates more space in the server as well.

AdVentures4U is probably the strongest program I am in right now with a steady and strong growth.It has surpassed 10 000 members now and has an automatic rollover of ventures if you chose not to cash out.If you do, you lose some ventures, but can rollover with the rest of ventures and continue to purchase new ones from different payment processors.
As a rule, all ventures double before they mature!

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