Monday, April 20, 2009

Surfing For Money

This is something else to do than just to surf for points or something else.Newbies in this industry often believe that it is enough just to click on traffic exchanges to be successful in this business, but that is so wrong!

You need variation in your marketing and with those adexchanges like AdVentures4U, for example you can participate in the weekly revenue share.Many of my readers know this, but if some curious from "outside this business" would stop by this is worthful information.

You also need to market on social communities.

You also need your breaks, to be with friends and family and feel as normal you can feel.

For some, traffic exchanges are the most addictive they can find, for others it´s just a part of the online marketing and there goes the balance in it all.


No, just common sense and experience combined with some other brain activities, hehe.

Are you surfing for money, or are you only surfing for some ridicoulous points??

As one good networker mentioned, revenue sharing in adexchanges is the hottest online concept in 2009!

I also recommend TameTheNet here, a stable adexchange with a long term perspective.

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