Monday, May 4, 2009

Don´t swallow everything

Some networkers in this business are so greedy that it´s pathetic!

I read some reviews about several programs that one networker belonged to and he didn´t recommend 10DollarsWonder anymore!??

A cycler that has been in in business for over two years(many programs only last for a couple of months!), and the system is even older and yet with good improvements working.And with the last improvement, to purchase two positions from your processor to recieve also an auction position it has begun to cycle good again.Some networkers hasn´t any moral standard at all and it´s annoying!

I can recommend this cycler as much as ever!

It´s a program on the long term and the admin is always hard working and dedicated.

So, don´t swallow every review out there, cause some networkers need new glass-eyes!

Join the most long lasting cycler, 10DollarsWonder!!


blondie said...

Nice post Mattias!
And Kudos to you for writing it :)
Take care now,
Judy / blondie

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Blondie.

I am as honest as you are:)

Take care:)