Friday, May 22, 2009

I am not in the little world!

Hey all!

What´s up? How are you?

Today I am going to write something that is a very important subject.

Stay positive! Have you heard that, hehe?!

We all have and we know that it´s important.But even such an expression can be misused from time to time.It can be used to hide some unpleasant facts for someone who have problems in running what they must run in a humble way.Those who can take little constructive criticism(not destructive, and it´s a huge difference), are the humble ones(the angels, hehe).

I was treated in a very rude way by an admin in a certain traffic exchange, and he threatened me at the same time, and he told me that if I will chat "something negative" again on the chatsection, he will ban me from the chatsection.I cancelled my membership on his exchange, and then did a research on Google about him.Facts showed that he had been involved in fraud, ponzischemes and had had the police in his own country after him.In fact, he had all sorts of criminal activities of that kind in his background.Yet, his exchange is growing today, maybe not on the top, but still is growing.I am amazed, don´t networkers do any research at all??

This has been a warning signal for me and every time before I join a new program or surf I do a research or listen to what experienced networkers have to say.

And if I find something of a criminal background somewhere, I don´t doubt writing about it here.

We should not let the scamartists continue to destroy for others as they do.

So, set a priority not only for the program with the highest revenue and numbers of members but also if he/she has an acceptable ethical moral in what they are striving for.

This is amazing....
I read on another blog that someone consider 99.9% of those surfs being "a playgame only"??
The surfs that I have joined are real business and as long as some kind of a product or service are bought and sold, there is an actual business.Amazing how some of those "experienced" networkers can express in such a judging way.Business is business in the real world or online....
If members continue to be active in the businesses, money is made and they can also add outside revenue streams.With a fair system, networkers can make good money, even if they come in at a late stage too.
One thing I can agree on is that more outside revenue streams and products should be added as well.

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