Saturday, May 30, 2009

Move on and learn more

It still seems to be so that some members don´t understand that they need to purchase two new positions from a payment processor to continue to cycle in

New money must come in and this is in fact a good deal with those auction positions if members read carefully.

Networkers are busy so often that they rush through important updates when they should read carefully instead.It is very important to understand how improvements are made and when you don´t understand, then ask experienced marketers.

Read through TOS(Terms of Service), and through FAQ(Frequently Answered Questions) in the programs where you are active.

Don´t join more than you can handle!

Make sure that you join researched programs.

And 10DollarsWonder is definitely an opportunity that I recommend!

Here comes the positive words for today: Movie, blue sky, dignity, faith, talented,
possibilities, wisdom, beauty, sound thinking, harmony, art, good attitude and grace.

To meditate on those words is to make way for better feelings in your life....

Music Maestro!

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