Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not numbers but real people

We have often heard that long downlines are crucial to earn money in this industry.
Now, we know that we who earn in the revenue sharing programs like AdVentures4U
get bonuses for bringing in referrals, but it´s not a requirement to refer.Here, many traditional MLM:folks must relearn cause they have always learnt how dependant they are in many, many members and long, long downlines to fill their matrixes and by that earn any significant income.

So, what´s the right and wrong in this?

For me it´s the revenue sharing programs where I still are bringing in referrals, but not with the enormous pressure which so often follows the typical MLM programs.

Some MLM programs may have another model, but I am talking about the typical models to fill those matrixes to be able to earn anything.

Don´t treat people like some kind of numbers in your downline or on Twitter.

It´s better with 10 business contacts that you really get in contact with than 100 members that you don´t even write a single message to.

Learn by experience, it´s the best way, but also learn by more experienced business people!

Do the things that give you credibility!

Have a nice weekend!


Hisham said...

nice post, thanks for the information & the advice!

Mattias Kroon said...

You are welcome Hisham! I am not only a marketer but a coach as well.Nice to see you here:)