Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is your ventures, have fun!

I got paid again from AdVentures4U with 25 dollars for the fourth time!

This is the best revenue sharing program I know right now, and built on the long term.You know by now that I am not the gambler who takes the too high risks
but look for long lasting programs and businesses.Not everyone of them have been successful, but the best part is that right now I have more of them than before and every admin in them are honest.That is what counts!

What do you prefer?

To be in a program only for a couple of months or years to come?

I hope you prefer the long term programs, but then you also must set priority for that kind of businesses.

I am also tweeting about my business and making some good jokes there
too, of course.We have to have some good laughs along the road, don´t we?

We swedes are sometimes making jokes about our neighbour countrymen of Norway and here is one.

Do you know what the norwegian does to make it cooler when he drives in the desert?

He scrolls down the car window, hmmmm, hehe...

Funny video here:

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