Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am sure you have heard about Twitter and when one can notice how many followers some
networkers have there, one can draw some very clear conclusions and you have heard about it before, but we all need to hear it once again until we reach even better results in our marketing:

It´s all about getting to know people and it´s about traffic...

We know that there are different ways to achieve this traffic but a lot of those problems with programs that are getting slower can be solved with even better traffic to the sites.

Promote, promote and promote again and this very, very important exposure and traffic!!

I will share some powerful twittertools here that you can use to increase your followers on Twitter:

A ViralTool here:

And you can follow me here,
A tip about Twitter, don´t just follow others but also get to know them and send them some info about your programs and sites.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool!


Another Blogger said...

I'm the 1st here :)
Tell me more about twitter. I'm a newbie on twitter :(

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Another Blogger.In Twitter you are following others who then can see your updates you are doing.You can also send them a direct message if you want.It´s a direct media, it feels like a crowd, where you also want to know new friends of course.You can market your products or services there, or just be there to blog about what you have have been doing during the day...