Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What people need

You can do a lot of things online for free.We all know that.So, it must be a significant value in upgrading, we all know that as well.

And here comes the crucial question.

Are the different upgrading options in a specific program as attractive as they should be?

For my part, I think that the new kind of revenue sharing surfs and programs are very good, at least the ones on the more long term.There you get something valuable for your purchasings, namely a specific ROI on your purchasings and your sites are shown at the same time.

Now, those companies are trying to have outside programs bringing in revenues to the members in their programs too.

This is also good.

A crucial part of all online business will of course always be that the upgrade options must be as attractive as possible.

Do people need the products?

In this case, definitely yes, advertising is always needed, but I would think it´s also good to combine that with giving the members the possibility to sell an e-book, for example, to make it even more various and sound.

The options here are many, but this could be a possibility to "an upgrade" as well, to participate in selling an e-book with valuable information.

This is what sells the best on the internet cause the whole internet is built around information.

About how to quit smoking, how to market, how to find the love, how to take care about animals and so on.....

So, to get a grip on the best info and print it, is what people also need as a product.

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