Thursday, June 11, 2009

Compounding or not?

Hi Folks!

As we have seen in SurfReborn there is no compounding available and in fact, that´s the strongest part of this excellent surfer and I am paid on time by Steve every time.

I upgraded with the highest amount, 200 dollars so that will be 260 dollar after 13 days as it will grow with 130% over that period.

And here comes the crucial question.

Will other profit sharing programs follow this example and disable compounding or not?

For the longevity of the program it´s naturally good that new money flows in all the time, but that can be done even with a compounding function, but, this surfer works far better than all the other I have seen!

How about outside revenue streams then?

Well, if they don´t generate especially much, what´s the point with them?

An outside stream must generate good revenues to strengthen an existing business which has been weakened for a period.

I would predict that not every surfer, cycler and other opportunities will disable compounding, but I would believe that the revenues could be much more higher in more programs with only outside payments from processors.

Check out Steve´s two excellent payplans and you know what I mean

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