Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creative Marketing Concept-A Lesson For You

As you may have read about I have created CMC, Creative Marketing Concept
and in fact, I have recieved very good response on my site from several experienced marketers.

Here are some points from CMC:

1.Invite before you sell something
2.You don´t need to convince them again when they already are interested
3.Build trust
4.It´s easier to sell something to someone who has already bought from you!
5.Try to target your marketing
6.Don´t spam anyone!!
7.Be nice and polite but also a little straightforward

I have always tried to be targeted in my marketing and I have found that customers wants to purchase again when they have found the quality in what you have!

Do you dare to be straightforward?

You can be that in a nice way.....without being rude of course, hmmmmmm

Show that you like your customer, you could even chat about a similar interest?

Yes, this is not just sales pitches, but a sound way to approach your customers.

Enjoy Creative Marketing Concept and feel free to share it with others.


Missi .... said...

Hi Mattias

Glad to see you are well. I like the way you deliver your information in a kind straight forward way. Wishing you great successin all you do.


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Missi!

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you success as well:)