Friday, June 19, 2009

The Door To Freedom

What do you have in mind? Are your mind full of worries or do you feel happy?
We know that a lot of fears and worries are going on in a time like this and we don´t need to hear more about how much of recession we have.

The interesting thing is, what is the solution?

Now, true and serious opportunities are going to contribute to this solution, but are you there to invite your friends, not only to send out inviting letters, but also get to know them?

The solution is also to see the possibilities to new jobs overall and I would suppose that much more of "green" jobs will come, so if you want a tip to promote an e-book in time, promote one with info on environment and green jobs.

In fact, if you have tips about this you are welcome to share it on the comment down there, otherwise is advertising there not allowed.

Am I trying to solve the world problems here?

No, that would to go too far, but I share my view on life and share my experiences with you.We just have to learn from our mistakes not to repeat them all the time, but to make it better next time.

What is the improvement then?

To chose the better alternative in the situation where you did a mistake latest.

There are two doors all the time, one for the right alternative, the wise alternative and one door to confusion.The times you chose the wrong door, you can remember it and chose the right door next time.

Now I have one door for you, the door to freedom and life!

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