Sunday, June 28, 2009

Follow Your Heart

It´s time for marketers out there to decide to follow your own heart.Those "gurus" don´t know everything they claim to know.Of course I have respect when they share worthful things you need to know but when they don´t care if you loose money on your way, you shouldn´t follow those.Only follow those who really care about you.This isn´t a lottery what we are doing but real business.

So, it´s time to come into more of real business and find more reliable, sustainable and long term businesses.

Some are looking for signs all the time in their "playing games", but it´s better to reliaze facts, avoid those too high risk programs like autosurfs and hyip:s instead and also the most of the old fashioned MLM-programs.

You need to find reliable programs and admins who really care about you, and pay out whether it´s a high amount or a low amount.

Have they got a real product?

Advertising is a real product, but it is also good if there are some other product involved, like quality downloadable products like an e-book or something.
Have you ever read a good e-book as an education in what you are doing?

Some are very, very useful I must say....

If you get enemies along the way, just stay positive and let them get worried instead.If they put energy in doing harm against you, they will bear the consequenses themselves....

It´s not a threat, it is a promise, hehe....

You must focus on the good things you have to do to make way for the success.
It doesn´t come "overnight", it takes time.

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