Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Truth And Good News!

Do you dislike everyone who have another opinion like yours? There are many people in this world who can´t handle the truth.When you say something from your heart to those, they flee away....they can´t handle the truth and it´s a sad fact that they must avoid the truth all the time and every time when they are facing every form of constructive criticism they must defend themselves.That´s the only way for those to continue to hide from the light and the truth.

You can´t live like that the rest of your life!

Only the truth can set you free and I don´t care how many excuses you have concerning this, only the truth can set you free!

Think logical and have common sense!

Of course I am putting worthful thoughts in my blog here, that´s one point with it.
I am not the greatest entertainer in the world, but I have things to share which are worthful for people or else I wouldn´t write at all.

Excuses, excuses and excuses again, they are gathering excuses.....

You, my dear reader are here to learn something, YOU are here because of your curiousness....that makes me glad, when people are curious in the right way, hello!!!

Are you there?????

I am glad you are focusing again, hehehehe.

I won´t tell you about my new plans here, they are only on the drawing board yet, but I have some exciting plans, that´s for sure.

AdVentures4U is upgrading their servers so the surfing will be even smoother.You know, when the numbers of members are increasing fast, you must be able to handle the growth and after this they will be able to handle thousands of new members.

This exciting growth reminds me of how Free Store Club break through many years ago(I am not a member there now, but it´s still a very good business), and they grew to over 2 millions.

It will show how many members there will be in AdVentures4U, but it sure will be very, very many more!

Exciting news and more to come!!

Stay tuned!

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