Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Honest Marketer

What is significant for the honest marketer?

1.You can rely on him
2.He is interested in answering your questions
3.He has a good reputation online
4.He/She is not hiding

Always see the signs of a good marketer and listen to his advises!

By this we should see more newbies get better education and a higher % should be able to make money online.

But what if you are experienced and has got very burnt along the way?

Your bitterness won´t help you, sooner or later you have to forgive that "evil" person who made that nasty things against you.

Another good advice is to not always follow the masses but ask yourself, is this the right way or what do my heart says?

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We must develop what we do all the time and strive forwards, but if we find a concept that works, why change it? At least we should keep the foundation of that system and only change things when necessary.Of course, improvements are needed from time to time.

The honest marketer.Is it you? Have you the honest approach? Examine your heart and go on from that then....

Thank you for your time!

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