Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Next Wave-Get Ready!

Was over to the MoneyMakersGroup, the forum and checked some programs about what status they have and I was rather shakened of how many surfs who have been closed down or are inactive.It wasn´t a pleasant reading.Then I suddenly understood that we are soon facing a new wave of trying to find a more sustainable model, which will be more long lasting than what we have seen so far.

There are of course those profit sharing programs who stands out from the rest with the gold model, and AdVentures4U has that gold model, that´s for sure.

But what about the next trend here and how would it look like?

There was a time when you had to fill up a matrix to earn anything at all and I don´t think anyone of us want to go back to that type of pay plans.

I believe that we will see more funds as business opportunities in the next wave connected with lucrative opportunities who also have attractive, downloadable products to sell which people really need.And if a business having so valuable information in an e-book that people just must have it, then it´s a real deal.

The problem with those opportunities before is that they often has had poor pay plans in comparison to the wave of profit sharing programs we are facing now, but where those on the other side often slows down due to lack of strong outside revenue streams, or lack of sales overall.

So those profit sharing programs with better systems and connected to good funds or other sustainable revenue streams should make the base for the next wave of attractive opportunities.But as always, make your research before "jumping on" anything!!

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