Friday, June 12, 2009

A Prayer

This is a prayer.....

For a time like this I want to call upon your Holy name!
You are the Creator, You are the Maker.
I want to be a Historymaker, a Worldshaker!
I want to spread the Good News about You!

You have shown Your Love, I am just giving it back to You!
This is the Time, this is the Space...
When we saw Your grace we fell down on our knees.
We kissed the heavenlies and saw Your holiness!

For a time like this we were reborned
For a time like this we were created
In a movement we were changed
We want to see in to Your heart....

Cause You are Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
To strive for the rest of our lives
Is to make it happen

God, You are Adonai, You are everything
We can watch Your fingers drawing
We want to recieve Your Power
Let´s write the next chapter in our lives....

To be continued.....

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