Saturday, June 27, 2009

To jail with the scammers!

I have decided to avoid every autosurf that pop up in the future.I have had enough and you should have as well.I will only focus on the businesses where I am certain I can rely on the admin.

The reason for this is of course SurfReborn, and the terrible situation around that surf right now, and all the ESP-surfs as well.A disaster......I have to admit a mistake I did to sign up for this Steve´s program there but that was the last, and I will learn a lot from that.Sometimes it is very decieving and tricky to foresee everything.....It´s easy that one listens to what other experienced marketers should have known about him, and somewhere I have had a bad feeling about this guy.

He should be forced to refund everyone!

Don´t even take for granted what those experienced networkers "recommend" for type of programs they may mislead you as well.

I will avoid every HYIP and autosurf that will pop up and if you are interested in placing and investing your money in safer programs you should get your focus on more reliable programs.I hope that some of those awful scammers end up in jail instead very soon and if they don´t refund us, they are risking that, that´s for sure.

I can say, I only know one honest admin who runs an autosurf and that´s all.

To jail with the scammers and I am serious!

Let us only focus on those businesses where we are safe and were we know that the admins are reliable and where they are interested in a good communication.

Don´t be too desperate to sign up for whatever in a time like this, with the crisis, but make sure they are good programs, with a very clear agenda for a long term business!

This is doomsday for internet crap, that´s it!!

Find the honest admins, not the "so called honest admins"!!!!


Beth said...

Your correct, auto surf is useless and there is no money to be made in it. Most autosurf is in it for the pennies they earn they never actually view your blog.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Beth! I have to admit that I only know one single, honest admin when it comes to those.