Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back again...

I have been at a vacation trip to Riga this week and it was very interesting to go around in that town and discover very historical churches and museums.Especially the war museum where you could hear the wings of the hard times the Latvian people have been under, both when it comes to the Soviet union, but also under the horrible dictatorship of the Nazis during the second world war.

It was a very friendly city, and the food was very good too.

Now, I am catching up with my business and I have got very nice results when I have been gone.109 dollars in referral commissions in Adventures4U (the site is down right now for maintainenances), and sign ups as well.

What do you think about new search engines?
One search engine that I want to show you right here and where you can get paid on your referrals activities is WebYourWay.

It is a search engine where you can advertise and where you can start a new b-mail, which has worked very fine for me so far with not a single spam or virus!

I will work out some new videos.I am planning some courses about how to place quality content on your blogs and websites.This is so important for you, to get your sites and blog up on the search engines! I will also share other experiences I have made online, so watch out for new videos!!


Nilofer said...

Fantastic website and a remarkably interesting blog to say the absolute least. It's very refreshing to find a blog with so much thought put into its visual appeal as well as its content.

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Nilofer!

I bow and am grateful.Thanks for the appreciating words.I will visit yours as well.