Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fair Models

I have been a couple of years in this internet business.I have seen many programs come and I have seen too many go as well.There have been some long term programs that have last for years and there have been too many who have only last for a couple of months.

And we have seen too many programs where we have been too dependant of getting in a lot of sign ups to earn any significant income of it.

What has happened?

New, revenue sharing programs have been created where you often get a good bonus by getting in referrals but where you aren´t dependant of that to begin to earn, cause you are able to earn by participating in their revenue sharing, which often only require that you upgrade with a certain amount and surf around 20 sites.Your sites are seen by others and you view their sites in return.A good advertising package!

Of course, many of them have other opportunities within them as well.

So, by this you aren´t under the enormous pressure as you were before to bring in referrals but you often get a bonus by doing this.

Now, even this revenue sharing businesses needs development of course but we have come a good way further on the road to make it more fair for more members and this is so important! We just have to turn this huge failure rate in this industry to something better, so more networkers can earn their fair share of the profits.

I have made a system which I call CMC, Creative Marketing Concept and there I share my tips on finding the most serious and best business.

So, in a time where many networkers stick to the old fashioned models where you are very dependant to get very many sign ups to earn anything at all, and fill some matrix, in such a time are more fair models growing, but they still need development.

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