Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fight The Scams!

Stay away from those decieving scammers!

I heard about an excellent suggestion on Gord´s blog, one other good blogger suggested that we have to come up with United Bloggers to set up some requirements that especially the high risk programs must meet so we know that we can recommend them to other networkers we care about and not abandon.

Excellent suggestion!

I would very much do my part in fighting the scams out there and make it very hard for them to continue to decieve innocent people that they only despise all the time.They laugh in despise on their way to the bank, but one day they will have that nasty laugh in their own throat!

In fact, when we do our business, it is a part of our business to fight and defeat the scams out there!

Don´t listen to those who only think it is a waste of time to fight the scams, it must be a part of your business to do so, don´t let them go on!

Your checklist to recognize them:

1.They are hard to get in contact with
2.They think they are the smartest on this planet(but they are the loosers)
3.They assure you that they will pay you, (and maybe they set up a rule to do so in 48 hours or something), but it´s a lie
4.Every benefit is on their side
5.They are selective
6.They treat members unfair
7.They change alias after a bad progam has failed
8.They start to hide when they are loosing control

Take this checklist with you all the time and you will see that every good admin is the opposite of this list.

Are you with me?

I hope you are cause if you are doing business the right way, only then it will be true and fun!

With this said, I believe in every good and honest business out there and I believe in the expression "stay positive " too, it´s just that sometimes we have to have a certain "checklist" for our own safety!

Stay safe! Stay positive! Stay healthy:)


Bactocyn said...

Informative article. Thanks

TC said...

Good article. Pertinent too. Thanks.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Bactocyn!

Yes, as we live in an information society, we must come up with good info about different topics.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi TC!

I always appreciate when people encoursge me:)