Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Than A Year

You do believe in the programs you are promoting, aren´t you?
You do believe in the products or services you are marketing?
To be successful online requires faith in the businesses you are in, that is of course crucial.

But here it is easy to lose focus, don´t do that!

Even if a program you are in temporarily slows down, don´t lose your vision because of that.With some necessary changes and other improvements, the situation can change to the better again.

I have heard now that many are changing scripts now to be a profit sharing program instead.Cause how much you want it, the program yet need a sound model to be really successful in this business.Then it all requires the engagements of the members as well.But frankly, the last year we have seen very crucial improvements on programs, especially those profit sharing programs with the genious rollover system for upgrading again.

Those "old school" models where you absolutely had to fill some matrix before you could earn anything at all are nearly gone!

10DollarsWonder was the first program where I found another system where you didn´t have to fill that matrix with that heavy burden to try to earn money...

Those days it´s easier, those days it´s a question of designing programs which can last for years, breaking that "short time circle".
So, a lesson for you, find those programs that are truly to have the substantial faith in it and which can last for years instead of "only a couple of months".

Here, an amazing 6-year old singer!!

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