Friday, July 17, 2009

Visible Touch!

We all know that if we are going to succeed in our advertising we must be visible all over the net, that´s the basics of every marketing.We need to be seen both here and there.

Now, how can you have time for all this?

This isn´t achieved over the night, but step by step it can be achieved.

Knowledge rules!! Knowledge is power!!

If you are visible on many communities, for example, and especially on a community like Facebook, chances are bigger that when someone types in your name in Google, your Facebook site will appear on Google´s first page.

The experts have found that quality content in your articles, website or blog will increase the chances that you will be visible on the search engines.You need to be visible on many "places", on many sites like different traffic exhanges, on a blog and especially on quality communities.

One quality video that came up on Google´s first page is one about Adventures4U.
This comes from You Tube:

In one good expression, you need to diversify your marketing and be visible both here and there.It´s no random puzzle, but focused marketing where you can see that it produces those results you want to see.

So, make the content on your website or blog relevant and watch for crucial words that fits well with your topic on your blog or website.

That´s all folks!


levi96792 said...

Great stuff Mattias and very creative. Yes, content is power!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks levi!

Yes, content is very important.You are welcome again.