Monday, July 13, 2009

Share Your Knowledge

Just share what you know and help others.If you train a newbie, for example, just share what you know in a simple way.Don´t complicate things, just learn them step by step and show them what to do next.

Don´t learn them everything at the time but lead them step by step.

Just describe, this is how I do it, do the same....

They need to follow a leader, that is very important, so they can see how they do.

One fellow member in Adventures4U asked me on a chat how I get so many sign ups all the time and I described the way I am marketing.

This is my marketing system I have created to describe what kind of programs I chose, where I market, the importance of branding myself and other tips as well.

This is so important as they are not only coming customers for you but also new networkers that need their training and skills when it comes to market online.

When you have your own concept, where you have taken the best of what you have learned by others, repeat the process of what you are doing and always try to improve something to the next time.

This is my thinking, this is my CMC!


prophet666 said...

nice post sharing is great what you give comes back to you in some form or the other

Mattias Kroon said...